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“This is extremely powerful – the unused computing power of personal computers is being used to mine Crypto Coins at The Useful Knowledge Company, the procceds of which are used to purchase Personally Sponsored Affiliates for our active SFI Team FOR FREE which in turn provides the funding for Activity Point and Purchase Point shares – Genius!”

You can support the above initiative by allowing us to use the spare capicity of your processor for calculations whilst you are on this page. This will not harm your computer in any way as the calculations are executed securely in your browsers sandbox. You don’t need to install anything, just click START MINING if you are willing to help. You can stop at any time by clicking the pause icon.

NOTE: If you are on a mobile device this may drain your battery.

If you like the idea, but don’t like the thought of us using your computer, you can still help by signing up for SuperPay and using the money you generate to fund any SFI Auto-delivery option, regardless of who your sponsor is. 100% of the nett income we receive is also added to our Crypto fund for the purchase of PSA’s for our active Team Members. More details abour SuperPay can be found in SFI Training Part 2.


Our SFI Rotator Pool consists of a global Community who want to earn a monthly residual online income and are willing to invest both time and/or money to achieve this goal. Team Leaders (BTL or above.) receive the maximum benefit from the Pool, but all members can benefit just from completing step 1.

Our ultimate objective is to place Team Leaders on your first level. There are no guarantees whatsoever that we will be successful in this endevour. We will, however, use best efforts to do this via an SFI Co-op with Keycode 3101. The number of shares you receive in the Co-op will depend on your commitment to building your SFI business. Currently, these are awarded as 1, 4, 9 or 15 shares subject to the steps below.

We are part of a much larger Team Build that allows for free members! As far as I know, we’re the ONLY team-build that does this! Sure, we want EVERYBODY to upgrade – but there are far more folks out there that CAN’T. YOU could help us find you members that upgrade for just $36.25 a month – five of those, your upgrade is paid for! You’re on your way!

As an existing SFI member I can see what is occuring within my personal downlines and because of this I know who is and who is not trying to build a business.

In fact, knowing what I know, most individuals who join the SFI Rotator Pool will not become Team Leaders, but even if you don’t, can still benefit just from joining and remaining active to receive free Personally Sponsor Affiliates (PSA’s needed for Team Building) & Personally Referred Members (PRM’s needed for Sales at TripleClicks.) from our SFI Co-op.

When any individuals clicks a “SFI ROTATOR POOL” link, a small piece of JavaScript code is safely run within your Browser’s sandbox. This is a the Proof of Work Captcha and similar to Google’s reCaptcha except that it asks your browser to solve a mathematical puzzle before allowing you to proceed. (This in a nutshell is how any Crypto Coin is mined.) This earns the money needed to buy additional PSA’s for the Co-op and to purchase traffic for our Co-op gateways. (Cryto Coin Info)


Step 1 – Joining our Pool and earn at least 301VP’s every month gives you 1 share in the Co-op

  • Earn a minimum of 301 Versa Points (VP’s) at SFI every calender month!


  • Earning 301 VP a month is not difficult even if you have no money at the moment. Just login and turn the Daily Action Tabs green by following the instructions given on each page, excluding EZ and PB tabs as these will cost you money. Just from doing this you will gain 10VP a day plus earn two entries in the Daily Grand, a free prize draw where you could win even more.


  • So provided you make this a daily habit, Step #1 can help you for FREE!
  • The more points affiliates earn each month, the higher their SFI commissions can go.


Step 2 – Earn a minimum of 1500 VP’s per month and achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) status at SFI to receive a further 3 shares in the Co-op for a total of 4.

  • Access to these shares automatically ensures that you are qualified for your Step 1 share.


  • This option is for those SFI Affiliates who understand how important it is to support TripleClicks by making regular purchases every month. You will need to earn 1500VP’s a month to access Rotator #3. In the first month this is relatively easy and can be achieved by completing the LaunchPad lessons plus following the steps in the TO DO list everyday with little or no cost.


  • In month 2 and beyond this is much harder and you’ll either need to buy or sell TripleClick items. Buying 125 TCredits at $36.25 per month on Auto-Delivery is the easiest and cheapest way to do this or you can just purchase manually at any time throughout the month. Any combination, your choice.


  • This will give you Executive Affiliate (EA) status and you’ll immediately tap into profit sharing, with a minimum of 1500 shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool paid to you (one share per VP).


  • You’ll also be qualified to start earning unlimited Direct Commissions, Co-Sponsor Commissions, ECA Royalties, and Milestone Shares. Additional perks of being an Executive Affiliate can include CSA Rewards, FREE TCredits, FREE group messaging, and much more!


Step 3 – Become a Bronze Team Leader (BTL) which requires 3000VP’s every month plus a downline of at least 5 to receive a further 5 shares in the Co-op for a total of 9

  • Access to this Step automatically ensures that you receive your shares from Steps 1 & 2.


  • As soon as I see in my Genealogy that you have qualified for this rank you will be immediately added to this rotator and will remain there provided you requalify by the end of the following month.


  • Once you have a minimum of 5 PSA’s in your downline regardless of their status and you have earned 3000VP’s within the month you will qualify as a Bronze Team Leader which increases your earning power with matching VP’s from everyone in your downline through an amazing 6 levels!


Step 4 – Become a Silver Team Leader (STL) or higher, which requires at least 4000VP’s every month plus a downline of at least 5, one of whom must be a BTL or above to receive a further 6 shares in the Co-op for a total of 15

  • Access to this Step automatically ensures that you receive your shares from Steps 1, 2 & 3.


  • As soon as I see in my Genealogy that you have qualified for this rank or higher your shares will be immediately increased and will remain there provided you requalify by the end of the following month.


  • This is a major step forward on the SFI ladder of success. Unlike the BTL leader position, as well as needing to earn an additional 1000Vp’s per month for a total of 4000, at least one of your downline needs to have achieved BTL status.


If you think SFI might be just what you are looking for or you just want to take a look before making up your mind, just join from the SFI Rotator Pool link below.


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